K.Le Da’ Vincci Biography

K.Le Da’ Vincci Biography

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K.Le Da’ Vincci Bio

Starting at the age of 6, Memphis born music producer, singer and rapper K. Le Da’Vincci, born Christopher Forest on May 25, 1984, was introduced early to a life of music.

Since the beginning, it was clear that music would be in K. Le’s future starting with his grandfather, Beale Street music legend Earl Forest, the man behind the infamous “Beale Streeters,” an informal group of friends formed in the early 50’s who played on each other’s recordings and included music stars B.B. King, Bobby Bland, Johnny Ace, Junior Parker, and Rosco Gordon.

Influenced by his grandfather, his father, who was a keyboardist musician himself, his older brother and other musicians in his family, Christopher Forest would eventually become Kazpale “K. Le” Da’Vincci.

The name “K. Le,” pronounced “Kay-Lee,” originated from the shortening of “Kazpale,” pronounced “Kaz-pah-lay,” which means “Gifted with many hidden talents.”

K. Le made up his name “Kazpale” while in his 7th grade History/Geography class in middle school. Due to the mispronunciation of Kazpale, it was later shortened to K. Le.

It wouldn’t be until later that the budding multi-talented artist K. Le would know his fate.

As he grew older, K. Le Da’Vincci immersed himself within all types of music and talent as he built up a catalog of hundreds of songs. During his development, he would form a relationship with former music group X-Camp which, at the time, drew the attention of music mogul Russell Simmons, amongst others.

K. Le collaborated over the span of X-Camp’s early career before the group disbanded over differences.

K. Le Da’Vincci moved forward to work on his own projects, while still assisting other talent wearing multiple hats as a music producer and engineer in the midst of releasing independent music releases such as the 2010 project “9 Days, The Demo” which included the Hip Hop/R&B/Dance single “All Night.” Other projects released by K. Le Da’Vincci included “The Levels,” “This” and “Carpe Diem,” during his years of musical experiences.

During his promotional music career, K. Le Da’Vincci ventured into entertainment as well, hosting multiple accredited events including the MemphisRap.com Music Showcase & Industry Networking Event (2008, New Daisy Theater in Memphis, TN) and 2nd Annual Memphis Hip Hop Expo (2012 , Cook Convention Center in Memphis, TN).

Now a seasoned artist, producer, songwriter and entertainer at the age of 29, his infectious personality and presence are just a bonus of his mastery of music and stage presence.

Suffering from a studio mishap causing him to lose his entire music catalog in 2012, K. Le Da’Vincci is now taking the time to rebuild a new catalog of music productions, working with a group of talented artists and musicians on future releases, while preparing to start work on his first independent studio album for commercial release under his own founded company Wav Squad Productions.

Production is set to start on K. Le’s new E.P. in December of 2013.

Meanwhile, in promotion of his music while preparing for his upcoming album, K. Le released a new single “You a Barbie” via i-Tunes on July 23, 2013.

Along with preparing for his new solo music career, K. Le is still entertaining and is set to co-host the upcoming 11th Annual Southern Entertainment Awards (SEA’s) in 2014 along with radio personality and DJ “Solo” from Streetz 94.5 FM station in Atlanta.