M-Town Studio policy is provided to give our clients and visitors a clear understanding of what M-Town Studio expects of them while using our facility.

The following are guidelines for the establishment and enforcement of M-Town Studio policy:

  1. Ensure reliable service to our customers
  2. Comply with existing laws
  3. Maintain our reputation as a responsible music and entertainment recording facility
  4. Encourage responsible use of the facility and discourage activities which reduce the usability and value of music and entertainment services


No Smoking allowed inside the studio and/or control room. We believe in keeping our equipment smoke-free and insuring that it maintains a longer lifespan.

No eating or beverages allowed in the studio but it is allowed in the lounge area.


The following cancellations guidelines are without exception and are never modified for any reason. We are a professional establishment and expect you to be the same.

Please DO NOT ASK for an exception to be made.

All Deposits Are Non-Refundable.
Deposits can be used as credit so long as cancellations meet the guidelines of our policy and must be used within 30 days.

A prior business day notice is required for Cancellations Or Changes for any sessions less than 4 hours. No-shows will result in a loss of the deposit.

Blocks may require up to 5 business days notice depending on the package or length of time booked.


  • 2 business days notice for 5-8 hour sessions
  • 4 business days notice for 36 hour packages
  • 5 business days notice for 100 hour packages

  • Additional Guidelines:

    No Recording time will be booked without 1/2 deposit. Deposits are equal to 1/2 of the total estimated project cost.

    If a personal check is accepted by management, it must be submitted 5 business days in advance of sessions booked (bounced checks will receive a $25 service charge).
    Check must clear before session begins or the session may have to be rescheduled at a later time after the check has cleared.

    Any repairs or replacement of equipment damaged due to client negligence will be the sole responsibility of the client.

    Additional charges may apply for the following:

  • Trash left in rooms
  • Large unarranged assemblies
  • Other issues that may arise determined by management
  • We DO NOT release CD’s or other materials until the final bill is paid in full. This includes partial masters of “works in progress” until the balance of all charges (including Blocks) are paid in full. No exceptions.

    M-Town Studio assumes that all copyright material supplied, by the client, has been cleared and takes no responsibility for any consequences that may arise for its misusage.

    When arriving on the premises, you will be responsible for the contents that you bring on site. We are not legally or financially responsible for items brought into or left on the premises.

    Please feel free to contact a manager via email or phone if you have any suggestions, complaints, or questions. For bookings and information, please contact us.

    M-Town Studio, its subsidiaries and personnel will make it’s best efforts to maintain the highest quality, however in the event of equipment or hardware failure, computer error/crash, loss of data, fire, theft, natural disaster, human error, national emergencies or any other emergency, the studio and its personnel shall not be held liable for any or all losses incurred by client.