Music Production

Professional Music Production

Music production can be compared to movie production and without a focus and guide for the production the project will be incomplete. In music production, you must have a clear idea for the role of those involved in the project so that everything will become a reality and the concept is captured.

M-Town Studio’s music production process is an important step and therefore we make sure that no rock is unturned and the business, as well as technical side, is covered insuring that the goal is met.

When you inquire about music production with us, we will discuss your project, the sound and the direction you would like to take. Afterwards, a custom music track will be provided for the lyrics you have written (if available).

Record Your Song With Professional Producers & Musicians

Send your song (session files) to us if available or vocal files. We accept the following labelled file formats: WAV or Broadcast WAV, 24bits, 44.1kHz. If the song is already on 16 bits, keep it as 16 bits with no conversion; the same goes for songs tracked at 48kHz. (Ex labelled: piano, vocal, chorus)

Production Rate Packages

To help you get started, we’ve created three packages making it simple and easy to start the production process according to your budget.

Professional Beat Production

$250 + up

1-2 keyboard tracks
Drum Programming