Mixing and Mastering


Once you completed the recording of your audio recording or song, it’s now time to start the mixing process. M-Town Studio offers audio mixing for all types of projects and all genres.

In addition, we also offer Audio Editing as an option with our mixing service or as a separate service.

Up to 2 channels

$45 per song

3-4 channels

$50 flat per song

5 or more channels

$75 per song


Mastering is the final the step your audio must go through before it can be ready for the commercial market (radio, TV, CD) and this is where your audio will gain punch, depth, volume and balance. Mastering effects such as compression, limiting, equalization and more will be applied to enhance the overall sound.

1-4 Songs/Audio Project

$40 per project

5-9 Songs/Audio Project

$35 per project

10 or more Projects

$30 per project

Vocal Tuning

You may have created a great recording, but the vocals are a little pitchy or all over of the place. Vocal correction and tuning can help in this type of situation. Vocal tuning and vocal correction ensures that your vocals, backup vocals, and instruments are in perfect harmony.

The price of vocal tuning is $125 for the first track and $50 for each additional track. If the track is over 5 minutes a fee of $25 each additional minute may be applied.

Audio Editing

Do you need to remove unwanted words and sounds, shorting your audio, improve clarity, remove unwanted silence or need to add background music? Our engineers can clean up your audio recordings and eliminate these blemishes.

Our audio editing service is $45/hr.

Already used our services? 10 or more songs receive a 10% discount, 20 or more songs receive a 20% discount.