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Graphic Design Web Design Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Audio & Music Production

Production of music and audio for singles, lyrics, commercials, soundtracks and more.

Mixing & Mastering

Recorded your audio, but now need a well-balanced mix? One of our professional engineers will assist you in getting your audio properly mixed and mastered the right way at an affordable rate.


Affordable and high quality digital photography of test shots, head-shots, and full photo shots for portfolios, portraits, press kits, fashion, online, print, and more.

Web Design

Professional website design is more than about having a great look, it’s about having an effective site, easily manageable, search engine and user friendly and gives great results.

Graphic Design

Creative graphic designs for all your branding, marketing and advertising needs. Ranging from logos, postcard designs, CD/album artwork, online and print advertisements and more.

Press Kits, PR & Marketing

PR and marketing are about getting maximum publicity and exposure. Your marketing campaign and PR are vital to establishing a brand and identifying your audience through effective PR and marketing.

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